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Guest star Jason London (Actor) Bryan Hammer's on actors speaking politics, Jamie argues!

Danny Coulson, Former Asst. Deputy Director of FBI explains why we NEED the immigration ban. Of course, Jamie strongly disagrees and Bryan challenges her views!
Is Betsy Devos qualified to be Secretary of Eduction for USA? Bryan digs in this topic with retired K-12 school Principal, Linda Whitman! Of Course, Jamie is totally against having Betsy DeVos as or lead educator!

bryan blue show host

Bryan Blue

Bryan Blue was born on July 7, 1979 in Fort Worth, Texas USA as Jeremy Bryan. He is a businessman, actor, speaker, author and TV/radio show host. He is known as the primary host for the Bryan Blue Show. Bryan graduated High School in Crowley, Texas in 1997 with a GPA of 2.3. He admits his low GPA was due to being a "day dreamer." While most kids were paying attention to the teachers, Bryan would dream about life outside of school and fantasize about being a business owner. In 2001, Bryan started his 1st company. After many failed attempts, he finally found success in the oil business, owning his own exploration company. He resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Sarah and 3 kids.

Known for his strong opinions and candid statements, Bryan believes in good ole' "Common Sense!" Good luck trying to peg him as a conservative or a liberal, his opinion varies greatly on many issues. Developing a passion for debate, Bryan decided to give radio a shot and share his opinions with the general public. He walked into legendary SG Studios in Fort Worth, Texas and proposed to Audio Engineer Greg White, that he produce the Bryan Blue Show; although Bryan has never had any radio experience. With Greg White, Bryan recruited Christian Youth Pastor, Jason Engelman and Liberal Atheist, Jamie Knight to join the show as Co-Hosts.

The show is syndicated nationally on AM/FM radio, broadcasting coast-to-coast on numerous stations. The Bryan Blue Show is one of the most rapidly growing shows in America. The attribution to the show's success, is that almost everyone can relate to at least one of the three Hosts. Bryan believes Common Sense is lacking in America and approaches all topics from that basis. 

talk show host jamie knight

Jamie Knight 

Jamie Kinser-Knight has been in show-biz her entire career and is thrilled to be taking it in a new direction with radio on The Bryan Blue Show. An entrepreneur since a young age, Jamie has developed a 'never take no for an answer' mentality and it shines in her inspiring and witty conversation.  Jamie holds a degree in Theatre Arts Design & Production from The University of Texas at Arlington and has directed, designed, starred in or collaborated on over 150 stage productions, worked as a touring Puppeteer with Basil Twist’s company and was employed with the Hip Pocket Theater for 10 years. In 2008, Jamie relocated to Austin where she began working as Publicist and Manager to musician Lucky Tubb, Ernest Tubb’s nephew, touring with Lucky and Hank Williams III in 2011. In 2012, Jamie, along with her husband Aaron Knight, founded Blackbox Concerts. It has rapidly become an integral part of the Fort Worth Music Scene’s growth, booking over 3,000 live music events in North Texas and winning the Fort Worth Weekly's Music Award for "Best Talent Buyer/Booking Agent" in 2013, 2014 and 2015. She has booked and promoted concerts with many notable acts such as, The Black Angels, Brand New, Andrew WK, Black Flag, Los Lonely Boys, Leon Bridges, Lisa Marie Presley, Mobb Deep and more. On a personal note, Jamie is a Secular Humanist/Anti Theist and believes in science, rationality and equality above all else. Growing up the daughter of a Church of Christ preacher in very conservative West Texas, Jamie's journey into the godless liberal heathen, (ha!) she is on The Bryan Blue Show was not a simple transition, thus Jamie has studied religion, history and politics in depth for years. Jamie is more than able to hold her own against the other hosts and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

bryan blue show comedian butch lord

Butch Lord

Butch Lord is a twenty year veteran stand-up comedian. He has been headlining comedy club across the country for nearly fifteen of those years. His stand-up shows are fast-paced and high energy as Butch takes the stage with a flurry of loud music, one-liners and short stories that grab an audience’s attention and never let’s go!!! His hard, edgy look is quickly softened by his carefree and lighthearted view of himself and the world around him. His genuine enthusiasm for performing, and his obvious passion for making people laugh shine through brilliantly and endear him to even the most conservative audiences!

Although Butch has maintained a regular tour schedule for his stand-up comedy through the years, he managed to expand his arsenal by bringing his considerable talents to radio in the late nineties. By late 2001, Butch was a very popular member of a nationally syndicated morning radio show. That show was syndicated on more than 40 FM stations, but it was also on Sirius satellite radio. As satellite radio was relatively new and still finding its niche, Butch was as open to searching all its potentials and limitations as anyone. It was satellite’s most obvious advantage, the fact that a show can be heard anywhere in the country, that Butch focused his attentions on. He felt that it was potentially as bad for radio as it was good because of what Butch felt was one of the biggest reasons people listen to radio at all… being able to talk with and actually see from time to time your favorite DJ or talk show host! Since satellite radio produces and broadcasts virtually all of their shows from a single location, New York for Sirius and Washington DC for XM, just how often would listeners across the country talk to, or for that matter, see, their favorite DJ’s and hosts!?! Not very often… never really.

We invite you to check out Butch’s stand-up  online. His stand-up can be seen at and